What is CI Therapy?

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CI Therapy) is a form of rehabilitation therapy that has the potential to improve a person’s function in their arms or legs following a stroke, brain injury or multiple sclerosis by increasing the use of their affected extremity. It has been proven to work on chronic patients with long standing side effects post brain injury.

This technique was based on the research developed by Dr. Edward Taub, PH.D., director of Taub Therapy Clinic and CI Therapy Research Group in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The research has its basis on the concept of neuroplasticity or rewiring of the brain after an injury or deterioration.

The main focus of CI Therapy is to address the overall non-use of the affected limb after an injury. The therapeutic techniques explore the client’s learnt patterns of movement over time. It then focuses on teaching new movement habits which translate to marked increase in functional use on everyday activities.

The Therapy program consists of 2-3 weeks of intense upper limb daily therapy (Monday – Friday) with a health professional. Participants are encouraged to complete work assignments each day after the therapy session.

Eligibility criteria

Clients who are interested in receiving CI Therapy need to be aware that this therapy technique is suitable to 75% of clients with brain injury of the inclusion criteria. As each client’s situation and health fitness is different, a thorough assessment is conducted prior to participating in the CI Therapy program.

Assessment process

Every client will be required to undertake medical, physical and cognitive assessments prior to starting the program. This process is required to determine suitability and to identify any contraindications prior to developing a sound program regime for participants.

Constraint Induced Therapy in Victoria

The upper extremity program is available as an outpatient treatment through Abraham OT Services Pty Ltd in Victoria. Therapy is provided by one of our capable Occupational Therapists who has been trained in the Taub Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama USA. Therapy sessions are 3 – 4 hours on week days for two or three weeks, depending on the participant’s fitness levels.

This is an exclusive service provided in very limited clinics Australia wide. Most clients who are interested in participating in Constraint Induced Therapy have had to travel interstate or to the United States of America to receive treatment. This program is run as a private service; however you may be eligible for subsidies or health insurance rebates.

Apply here

For enquiries on session availability and assessment information, please contact our service on and one of our staff will be happy to provide more information on our CI Therapy program. Alternatively please fill in the application form, and post it to PO BOX 4053, Wishart 3189 VIC.