Aims of therapy at this clinic


Computer based rehabilitation devices assists each client to remain motivated on the desired movement. The client is externally focused on the computer program and this assists with repetition of movement which is so very important to rehabilitation.

Initiate Neuroplasticity

Visual and auditory feedback is received from the computer and this provides incentive to work as hard as possible. Multiple games are available so that motivation can remain at its maximum. The overall aim is for the correct movement patterns to be repeated multiple times within the session. By repeating the same desired correct movement, connections between the brain and the muscles are initiated so that new pathways are formed. This is known as Neuroplasticity.


Participation in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is an important part of the process. The movement being repeated during the computer based rehabilitation sessions then needs to be put into practice. Discussions with each client occur in order to decide on meaningful ADLs to be completed. Clients will be directed by the therapist to ensure that the desired movement pattern is occurring.

Activate Motor Control

The main goal is to activate the muscles so that the client can complete the chosen activities with increased independence. Computer based rehabilitation in conjunction with functional training and home based practice will assist in activating the desired movements, thus increasing functional independence.

It is important to remember that each client will progress at their own rate.

The Therapy Process in the AOTS Computer Based Rehabilitation Clinic


Where applicable, assessments will be conducted throughout each therapy program. Standardised tests may be used to complete these assessments as well as assessments on the computer based rehabilitation devices.

Goal setting

Goals will be set with each client at the beginning of the therapy program in order to ensure that they are realistic and achievable. The meaningful ADLs will also be chosen at this stage. The goals will be reassessed during the therapy program in order to ensure that they are still appropriate.


Each client’s progress is able to be tracked using the computer based rehabilitation devices. Direct and immediate feedback is given to the client during each therapy session. This allows the client and therapists to reassess whether they have set realistic goals.

Full reports can be provided for funding purposes on request.

This program is run as a private service; however clients may be eligible for subsidies or health insurance rebates.



This focuses on movement from the shoulder through to the wrist. It can also be used to increase force and strength in the fingers and the hand.


This is a mechanical rehabilitation device which allows passive, assistive or active therapy of the fingers. Fingers and thumb can be moved simultaneously or independently of each other throughout the therapy.


This focuses on postural control, balance and strength by using a therapy plate for all activities. The therapy plate can be used in a number of positions depending on client function.


A virtual reality therapy – Diego(r) helps patients and therapists with the often difficult training for regaining lost arm function in the neurological field. A mechanical arm & shoulder rehabilitation device allowing passive, assistive or active therapy, removes the weight of the client’s arm allowing movements to occur which might have been too difficult without this device.


MYRO’s cognitive games even make therapists sweat. Real objects, power control, touch applications and a whole lot of fun: this is what constitutes goal-oriented, intuitive therapy with MYRO. The sensor-based surface is the basis for creative therapy which brings about meaning and self-determination in daily life.


World’s first wearable controller that is attachable to any parts of the body. LusioMATE is especially designed to doing physical therapy outside the clinician’s appointment as part of the home program and the clinician can monitor progress remotely too. LusioMATE was invented for clinicians and patients by clinicians with our engineers!