Our Team

Vicki Abraham (Managing Director)

Vicki is an Occupational Therapist by trade and is the Managing Director of Abraham OT Services (AOTS).  Vicki’s vision has always been to continually evaluate community needs and for her practice to provide timely and evidence-based services to her clients so they can live their best life no matter their disability.   Vicki’s sole desire has always been to be able to provide Australians with care and services that are considered routine in the rest of the world. 

In 2013 Vicki was awarded the George Alexander Foundation Fellowship under the guidance of the International Specialised Skills Institute.  This allowed Vicki to further her knowledge in Constraint Induced Therapy and Robotic/Computer based therapies being used around the world. Vicki’s passion in this area has led to her incorporating these therapies into the AOTS clinic which is now recognised as the Australian Tyromotion Reference Centre.

Nick Snowden (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Nick’s experience within the neurorehabilitation sector, along with his passion to blend rehabilitation with technology has allowed him to successfully treat clients in our clinic using Tyromotion robotic and computer-based devices.  His knowledge also enables him to assist his clients in their own environments to rebuild their independence.  Nick’s motivation and determination provides him with the opportunity to build rapport with his clients and help each client reach their personal goals.

Maree Wanders (Occupational Therapist)

Maree’s exposure to complex needs clients in a rehabilitation setting has given her the skills to support and assist her clients to rebuild their capacities and achieve their goals.  Maree’s interest in neuroplasticity and neurological conditions sparked her motivation to treat clients within our clinic setting.  Maree’s experience with our Tyromotion devices allows her to extend her passion from community to clinic in order to use a holistic approach with her clients. Maree’s positive outlook and her ability to make her clients feel at ease has allowed her to build a strong connection with her clients.

Verity Kennerley (Occupational Therapist)

Verity studied to be an OT because she feels that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life, regardless of their health or ability status.  Verity’s experience in community services, inpatient rehabilitation and adult health services, sparks her passion for working with the older members of our community.  Verity is fully trained in the Care of People with Dementia in their Environments (COPE) program.  Verity’s desire to support her clients further has expanded her passion to include robotic and computer-based rehabilitation.  Verity ‘s knowledge on our Tyromotion devices enables her to assist her clients to become more functional in their day to day living.

Glorie Correa (Occupational Therapist)

Glorie’s enthusiasm and love for everything OT allows her to connect extremely well with our clients.  Her passion to assist clients reach their fullest potential allows Glorie to design a program that is specific to each clients needs.

Tara Callaway (Head of Support Coordination)

Tara brings her wealth of knowledge, skills, networks and a deep understanding of NDIS to head up our Support Coordination Service.  Tara has worked in support services for many years and before NDIS she worked with Fee for Service Case Management.

Tara’s passion is supporting individuals and their families to better navigate the service system. She works with our clients to link them to services that can best provide them the therapeutic interventions, assistance in their home, and access to the community that they desire. She is also motivated to assist participants to utilise their NDIS plan to its optimum, and ensures they have access to the support they need every day to live a fulfilled life.

Mina Gabriel (Support Coordinator)

Mina brings his extensive knowledge within the mental health and community services field of Support Coordination to our team to support our clients.  Mina is committed to improving society’s overall well-being, especially for those with limited support.  Mina’s quiet and gentle personality enables him to build trust and rapport with his clients.

Mandy David (Support Coordinator)

Mandy has extensive knowledge within the disability field, and this remains her passion. She has had experience working with a diverse range of clients with a variety of disabilities and of varying complexities. Prior to NDIS Mandy worked in ISP facilitation and planning; as well as a disability case manager. These roles have provided Mandy with the ability to gain a detailed network of services and supports available. Mandy’s love for life comes through when she engages with all of her clients and there is no challenge that is too hard for her to take on.

Brooke Treloar (Support Coordinator)

Brooke’s loyalty, experience and passion for helping people means that she does not take no for an answer. Brooke fights for what she believes in and what she feels is right for her clients. Brooke’s drive and determination means that she is able to support her clients fully, assist them to build a strong team, and help them to regain skills in order to reach their goals.

Emma Abraham (Allied Health Assistant)

Emma became an Allied Health Assistant so that she can support her clients to reach their potential and work towards increasing their independence. Emma’s exposure to the Tyromotion devices for the last decade has added to her passion around helping people regain the functional use of their arms/hands. Emma supports our clients within our clinic by running their sessions as devised by their therapists with the aim to increase their physical and cognitive abilities.

Shannon Nelson (Administration)

Shannon provides our team with essential admin support.  She has a background in nursing which includes hospital ward and administration experience.  Shannon’s personal experience with NDIS makes her perfect for the role of supporting our team with all NDIS matters.  You will be able to talk with Shannon when you call us or visit our clinic.

Alan Abraham (Administration)

Alan supports our staff with various administration tasks.  You may get to meet Alan if you come into our clinic.  Alan balances out our team well as he makes sure we all remain grounded and smiling throughout each day.

Karly Counihan (Administration)

Karly has worked in the health industry for many years. She brings her hands on experience and admin skills to our administration team. Karly’s calm and understanding approach will ease you with any questions you may have. You will be able to see her smiling face as soon as you visit our clinic.